Monday, February 22, 2010

Slow Song...Not!

When I preview new tracks I'll start the song and if it sounds slow I'll just skip it, cause I'm not big on the ballads. But I've found that some songs will seem like a ballad but give it a minute and BAM! An upbeat funk JAM!! The song still maintains that smooth love theme but it gets you dancin! Here's what I'm talkin about...

"The Whispers- I'm Gonna Love You More"


"Jocelyn Brown- Somebody Else's Guy"


"Earth Wind and Fire- Fall in Love With Me"


"Chocolate Milk- All The Way"


Reach Out

Man, 1983 was such a good year for funk! Here's a sweet soulful track by George Duke. I found a great edit of the song from GMGN called "On My Mind". They pump up the track disco-house style for the clubs but nothing beats the original! Enjoy...

"George Duke- Reach Out"


"GMGN- On My Mind"


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby's Got Another

I've had this track from Richard Jon Smith for a while now. I discovered it from an interview where Breakbot mentioned he was listening to him. From the interview - "It's very good disco from 1983, I wonder why he's not more famous it's exactly what I would do if I had a good singer". Breakbot and Westorious approved, enjoy...

"Baby's Got Another (Frankie Rodriquez Edit)"


Friday, February 12, 2010

Da CK Diss!!!

Ahhh back when I used to make beats...and rap!!! My best friend CK and I would would always battle each other. This is one of my diss tracks on him. The best part about it is I used his Korg Triton to make the beat! Muahaha...

"CK and the Yayo"



"Shit and Shower ft. CK"

(Some of my Beats)...

"African Adventure"


"Come Here Baby"


Where You Belong

I saw this Lexus Commercial and noticed the very cool electro track in the background. Did some research, and found Kael Alden of Robot Repair produced the track. It's now my alarm tone for when I wake up in the morning :)

"Where You Belong"


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Phyllis Hyman

This girl can sing!!! "You know how to love me" is a fantastic track from Phyllis Hyman. Soulful, uplifting and of course, funky...

"You know how to love me"